Monday, April 9, 2007

Appam and Duck Roast

Appam and DuckRoast
Appams(a kind of rice pancake) are a keralite specialty made from fermented rice flour. Soft and fluffy, melt-in-the mouth appams with duck roast or Fish moli or Stew is not only a healthy breakfast option, they also make for great lunch or dinner items.
Method of preparing appam is quite simple, with rice flour as the main ingredient, the technique may vary from person to person and from place to place. This simple recipe I learned from my mother, She is really good in making appams.
In my home, duck is a main item for special occasions like Easter and Christmas.
Duck Roast with Appam makes this a finger-licking meal .Its a great recipe for duck lovers. My dear duck haters, please substitute duck with mutton




3 cups basmati rice
1 cup grated coconut
½ cup cooked matta rice
1 tsp yeast
3 tsp sugar
Salt to taste


Wash and soak rice for 2 hours and grind rice ,coconut ,cooked rice with water to and smooth paste (I used blender for that).Add yeast and sugar in the final stage of grinding, after adding yeast blend only a few seconds. Mix well and keep aside overnight. It takes around 6 to 8 hours to get fermented. Next morning add salt and sugar(if needed),mix well and set aside for some time.
Heat non stick Appachatti, Pour a ladleful of the batter in the center and spread it by rotating the wok in a circular fashion, so that it is thick in the center and thin on the edges. Cover the wok and let the appam cook for few minutes. When the edges become crisp and begin to curl, gently lift it off the wok, Repeat the same procedure for the remaining batter. serve hot with curry


The batter should be neither too thick nor too watery.
It should be fermented well to get the typical fluffy center.
Always pour the batter on a very hot surface and cook the appams on medium heat to ensure even cooking.
Don’t flip the appam,It should cook thoroughly on one side.
Refrigerate the remaining batter and can use next day.


Duck Roast


11/2kg fresh duck (I used frozen duck)
4 onions, finely chopped
3 medium sized tomatoes, chopped
2tbsp ginger garlic paste
1tsp whole pepper
1tsp aniseed (perimgeerakam)
1/4tsp chilli powder
1tsp turmeric powder
1tsp coriander powder
4-5 tsp oil
salt to taste


In a pressure cooker, cook till half done the duck with 1tbsp ginger garlic paste ,1/2 tsp of turmeric powder.
In a heavy based pan, dry roast the pepper and aniseed till they turn aromatic. Cool and grind to powder.
In a pan, Heat the oil and add 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste and fry for few minutes.
Add onions, fry till golden brown, Add the pepper-aniseed powder and other powders. Stir fry well, Add the tomatoes and fry till soft and oil starts to leave the mixture.
Add the meat and then the salt. Fry till the duck is well coated with masala.
Cook duck uncovered over a medium heat, stirring, regularly till it is well cooked .


Asha said...

HI KF!! Appams looks great and what a great combination,mouthwatering!:))

RP said...

Aww...Thank you dear. Now where do I go find a duck?? My appam recipe is almost the same, but I use long grain rice instead of basmati. Your appams look perfect.

Mishmash ! said...

Hahahah..noyambu murikkal adipoli aayirunnallo :) I have some mind block towards eating duck, but roasted colour tempts me a lot...i have been perfecting my Palappam skills but I never get that golden brown color on the sides...i use non stick pan and method is same...any idea why?


KitchenFairy said...

Thank U Asha.I perfer to have appam with prawns moli,I have one simple recipe of that ,will post that soon.

Dear While making that duck ,u were in my mind.If duck is not available there try this recipe on me It will be good.

Hahaha..enikkariyam ducknte taste chilarkke estamalla enne..try this on mutton..I am not an expert but I can give u one idea,try that and let me know.Add more sugar next time,I think sugar helps to get golden brown color on the sides.

Reena said...

kf, it is not my day. just now i was at sig's meen polichathu-konchu fry post and now here your duck roast (though i prefer chicken) along with my most favourite appam is waitiing for me. yummy treat at odd hours. i will try your recipe with chicken. would that taste good?

@mishmash-- i brought appa-chatti from kerala. use that and appams will come out crispy at the end.

Sig said...

KitchenFairy, what a great way to break the noyambu :).
I love duck curry, but never make it at home, I wasn't sure how the frozen duck will taste. Since you used frozen and it looks so good, I'm gonna try some. :)

Mishmash ! said...

Fairylady, thanks for that tip...i think that makes more sense coz i add 1/2 tsp suagr only, that too with the yeast. Till now, I was wondering whether it could be coz of the non stick appam pan, coz i am getting the crispy lace on the sides but dont get this colour .

Thanks dear..will keep that it mind when I make next time :)


Pravs said...

Appam looks perfect.I somehow can't eat mishmash i have a mind block.But then the roast looks delicious.

Ann said...

Appam and Duck roast looks yummy. I was searching for a good Duck roast recipe to prepare for Easter. Even at our place, we prepare Duck Roast to celebrate Easter. Today only I came across this recipe. Anyway I prepared Parotta and Duck Roast for Easter. Will definetly try out yours and let you know. Thanks.

Sahira said...

Hey guys,...I wanna join this a malabari from Chennai very very interested in cooking...liked most of the recipe submitted here...hope to come up with some of my own...bye!

Manju Nair said...

I made your duck roast and it came out really well.I did'nt get the dark color as yours ,but it was really yummy.Thanks for the great recipe.

Shru said...

I had been looking for a good appam recipe and found yours.tried it out yesterday and it came out perfectly.Thanks!!!! I think the brown colour comes only if u add more sugar,right? Looking out for duck now to try out the duck roast recipe.looks mouthwatering!!!Hope to serve it for christmas.....